► IS-7 vs IS-4, Which is The Best? - World of Tanks IS-4 & IS-7 Gameplay

World of Tanks IS-4 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Tier 10 Soviet Russian Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks IS-4 vs IS-7, Best Soviet Heavy?
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Today I am going to answer to one question that a lot of you still keep asking from me - "Which tank is better, is it IS-4 or IS-7?" In my opinion, answer to that question is pretty easy and obvious. :)

Hope you enjoy! :)

►Tanks in action:
- USSR/Soviet Russia IS-4, Tier 10 Heavy Tank
- USSR/Soviet Russia IS-7, Tier 10 Heavy Tank
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  • Jango DiPacs

    IS7 IS BETTER. It has better armor and damage. Thats the point of a heavy tank

  • Beaver Man

    When I play my is4 I always drop is7, and in general I just love the play style of the is4 hella lot better

  • Tanner Studdard

    The is4 you never rushed so this video is crap. 2 total different match making and 2 different strategy's.

  • D man

    lol wish i had known.

  • Komrade Ivan

    They both Bias, so we all know the answer.

  • Botond Barta



    The answer is T110E5

  • Uros Andric

    Is7 is multifuncional, and is4 is clasic ht.. But, i like more is4, better for me..

  • 05Hogsrule

    SHIP, Great segment & Battle with IS-4. PROOF is in the pudding, get together, stay together, support each other and fight like dogs ! THAT SIR, is how you win for another fucking day! Well done.

  • Warstone

    They are both shit and they both serve a diff purpose ther not good in clan wars there are far better tanks out there.

  • General Crazy-

    I'm sorry to say but that video was 2 different ways to play 2 different tanks, is4 you moved with the team. Is7 you rushed in and did like everyone I kill in battles.

  • Aaron Larson

    As an is4 driver. Every other heavy tank is better than it.

  • Gabriel Moreira

    Is 4 there the best armour and fire power the is 7 is rapid on all new 15 vs 15 is4 vs is7

  • BigFatLoserDude

    In real life that Grille 15 with it's thin 30mm armor and exposed gunner would of been a one shot kill, heck, even a kv1, in real life would of been able to pen and destroy it. Yet in this game you couldn't kill it even with an IS7 that has 250mm of penetration. What a wonky game.

  • S

    What am i even watching this for i dont play heavies

  • Stock Brazen

    Its a is-6 on russian bias

  • Jim Mc

    I'm sorry but I find the IS 4's gun unreliable. It just seems to get bouncy at the worst possible times.

  • Hd Pew

    I have both, prefer the Is-7

  • Mitcho_X

    How can you compare the recently buffed OP-7 with the IS-4? The IS-7 buff is one of the biggest bullshits ever done to wot

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