The Mud Hates These Tanks: US M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle + M1 Abrams Stuck in Mud Being Recovered

Impressive video featuring the M1 ABV's (Assault Breacher Vehicle) demonstrating all their capability.

At 3:50 you can see a Leopard 1 ARVM and a M88A2 Hercules armored recovery vehicles recovering a US Marines M1A1 Abrams stuck in mud in Norway.

Video Credit: Fred Brown, Timothy Lutz, Junius Stone ,Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

Thumbnail Credit: Pearson Engineering , Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

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  • Steven Esparza

    An M1 Abrams with it's wenie cut off

  • jack tarr

    sorry no use on a flight deck,, next !

  • Canadian kid

    Farmer's used to by surplus TANKS to pull plows....

  • Eric Reed

    God I hated having the mine plow on the front, it made it to heavy in the front.

  • superROTV

    Dont worry guys! we are just tilling the land for the next planting season!

  • jack faster

    Damn This dirty ground with few muds lol

  • hard core

    this thing reminds me of the water tractor it's an amphibious paddle boat

  • James M DeLuca

    Looks like the perfect tools to make short work of tearing up the poppy fields in Afghanistan!

  • Petr zachariáš

    Just awesome machines. Its my dream drive one.

  • blipco5

    Great, a ten million dollar bulldozer. What will they think of next.

  • James Bond

    How many dinosaur's per gallon does that vehicle usa

  • squerd slim

    One going In n the other one out

  • Steve Aussie

    Omg these blokes can't operate for shit. Put someone who's operated a dozen on one and I bet you would get a different result.

  • Matheus Mendes

    Green Peace liked it

  • Little Bull

    Reminds me of Homer (Mr Plough)

  • Boštjan Korelc

    to bi mogla imeti slovenska vojska slo army

  • Calvin smith

    It still needs a gun on it

  • Andrew childress

    Digging for fun or making a trench s

  • Alex11531

    whats the top hatch for?

  • 莫敵

    I love ABRAMS M1A2 Main Battle tank GOOD TANK(>﹏<)

  • Bill McCuistion

    Let's hope the terrorists don't use these to drive into crowds of holiday-goers.Although could be useful to clear protestors blocking lawful traffic.

  • TheBluesSociety

    3:54 tank stuck in mud ! Go figure ! Bullshit tank and video !

  • Kareem Haddad

    Tractor Abrams tank yeeeeeeeehaaaa

  • ali37

    Just right for that bit of "landscaping" you been meaning to finish ! Hehe

  • S Dew

    mud cant hate anything, mud = mud, you must be a american!.so you put a snow shovel on a tank.. congrats! you are brilliant......

  • L Ofaday

    Oh look, the army just invented a bulldozer.

  • Larry Littrell

    I believe that these are used for mines. They have extra armor on the front.

  • Philips. Jacob

    But how about the mines?

  • Desint Printworks

    Sounds remote controlled.

  • Alfred Kühn

    bei 0:47 durch den s draht fahren traut er sich doch nicht. er scheint zu wissen daß der draht ihn stoppt. oder die überwacher der sperre. alles nur show

  • Arsenal XA4

    That thing is an ecologists nightmare! I can already hear Greenpeace protesting it!

  • gmf iq

    landscaping tanks genius !!!

  • Chris Thomson

    Why wud u need this though

  • Philips. Jacob

    This new invention is useful instead of a bulldozer

  • jaime fernandez

    USA army awesome !!!

  • KeepinItDank

    Legend has it, one of these things murdered a whole platoon of Taliban soldiers and buried them all at once afterward

  • squerd slim

    N have two chopper up in the air to distract them

  • The Q

    So.....instead of giving an Abrams a bigger footprint they build it a fucking road.

  • FullSpectrum Survivalist

    Well that's a new one on me, when did those tanks get a MICLIC device on them?

  • Robert Blake

    Wow! Over 2.2 million views and over a thousand comments. I can use up an entire day on this kind of stuff. Comments-- often PRICELESS!

  • Chris Carson

    Why not just get a Cat? This is dumb.

  • squerd slim

    Or drop two with a sileser in the middle

  • Alexander Tate

    digging trenches or fox hole

  • Travis Lundberg

    why is this so satisfying to watch

  • M B

    I don't see the mud. They just flipped the soil with grass and soil almost dry. They pretended to do something. You better bring the air force to bomb the area.

  • simon lloyd

    fuck the environment

  • Gennadiy Andreev

    Ебаные янки дома седите или получите пизды

  • Sekta svideteley gosdolga SShA

    наконец то в россии дороги появятся!

  • Ben The Bastard

    Earthworm 1: Honey, what's that noise? Earthworm 2: Oh, it's nothing, probably just a thunderstorm.*Peeks out of tunnelFather Earthworm: Mother of God get the kids...

  • onlybugwit

    What is it all for???

  • Brett Merchant

    That would be fucking fun as hell to ruin your neighbors lawn with one of these.April fools!!!!

  • squerd slim

    Or how ever u see it

  • smith roy

    So what if a mine gets stuck in its tooth? Who will tooth pick?

  • Beyond Good

    I need a tractor like that

  • Breaking Toast

    some farmer is going to come back from holidays look at his field and say " what the fuck ".

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