DRAGONS coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale! (NEW UPDATE)

Fortnite Battle: Royale - DRAGONS, NEW MODES + MORE coming to Fortnite! :D
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
  • awesomeaustin79

    You sound like a smoker lol X D

  • fortnite awsome

    Dragon's so epic i think it's a glider

  • Jack

    12:45 thought this channel was meant to be 'family friendly'!

  • Al Nole

    You miss the tactical shotgun blue one

  • skekie

    Fortnite is a terrible game it has taken over YouTube and now you only have videos like this

  • SuperEmory

    L O O K A T U S G O ! !

  • Sky Taffy

    Why did he not get legendary guns in beggining

  • Angristic Plyz

    Ali you should do the no materials challenge. That's a challenge.

  • awesomeaustin79

    My eyes are bleeding

  • Amanda Stergiades

    I found a legendary scar in the garage

  • Cedrick Maina

    I think they shouldn’t add the it

  • Ruben H.

    Roses are highViolets are lowAli-a is cringeL O O K A T U S G O

  • Josh Bowen

    Nearly dropped a green tac for a grey pump😳🤭

  • Bro Tube007

    Thank you for not picking up the miny gun

  • Horraboys

    Alli you missed a blue tak

  • Raging mango 45

    Roses are redViolets are blue Dragons arent coming And i saved you some time

  • RSN Bronco

    L O O K A T U S G O

  • Dalton Kelly

    I Subbed And Clicked The Bell

  • Pheesh _

    San na ung dragon gago

  • bulgarinn 88

    i want epic games to ban him

  • Anything Studios

    I have that slurp axe it was the first one I got

  • Kaitlyns Gaming And More

    I’ve played on your team

  • Austin Ball

    Any one.play this on pcIf soWhat is ur levelWhat is ur tierWhat is your usernameTrying to make a great squad

  • wak99

    Who's best ninja or aliaÑ

  • Konner Hornbeck

    I subed and hit da bell can we be friends on fortnite if so delete a friend so we can be friends I'm also on ps4 k

  • impulse r y a n

    l o o k a t u s g o

  • Ghostly Logi

    Xbox 1 I’m Captain Logi be playing a lot this week plz play creating party’s mic optional kid friendly content sorry 😢 parents see ya on the battle royale 👍P.S. I’m not the best player only 5 wins🤙🎧🎮

  • Lauren Brooks

    Do a stream on YouTube

  • Dham !

    That’s the greatest wow ever Look at us go Wow

  • PS4 Geek

    How’s the Brazil servers

  • hoosierkelly

    Do the get 20 kg challenge

  • Josh Bowen

    17:37 has a shield potion to get to a 100/100. And still hasn’t popped it

  • Zorex - Fortnite and More!

    And that's why we celebrate Hanukkah today

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