WoT HD 1.0v3 - Common Test Live Stream

In a World...of Tanks...purple MoE farming campers sucked the fun out of every match, and brain damaged n00b pubbies threatened the sanity of the entire tanking nation... But one man, rose up like a beacon of shining light, to smite the campers with divine shells of justice, and to educate the n00bs into less...n00bishness. Coming to you live from Silicon Valley it's 'Tooning /w Tankers!
  • Schoolbus1981

    I was thinking in one of your guides a while ago you turned off The Recoil effect but it looks like you still have it on. I find turning it off helps me stay oriented better. I think maybe they call it horizontal stabilization.

  • srb2006

    The game looks great (really cool to see the plane shot down on erlenburg) sadly my outdated laptop can't handle this update and will be my retirement from the game. :(

  • Schoolbus1981

    On 2/27/2018 I'm still experiencing the no sound shell penetration. 5:57 in this vid I was capturing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ppox36DCVRo&feature=youtu.be

  • Blaze terror

    lol i see a lot of old Friends in this new intro

  • Dumitru Zah

    Great stuff. Been watching your content for some time, made me a better tanker. I like the song at the end.

  • iron monkey

    I have old 950 and 750ti medium settings the frame rate is just about the same

  • Dave Harris

    Hey Tankers, what settings do you use for your spotting setting (star trek alarm and Sharik?) How do you set that up or is it a mod? Cheers

  • JL999k

    A Saturday marathon-Damn! My weekend was going to be split between the CT and my grind list. Now I'm going to have to fit in God knows how many hours of the marathon! Last time tankers and his friends did one of those, I ended up in one of their games and lasted about 5 minutes before being ammo racked. A disappointing game but my turret flying through the air was at least picturesque!

  • mojobag01

    What are your thoughts on the exploit in Redshire NE (on CT)? It looks to me like there is no Southern mirror.

  • R.A Williams

    I like the new tracer effect, but I'll tell you who will hate it...bad arty players. It's going to be much easier to counter-battery fire in 1.0, and if you're an arty player who picks one spot and sits there all game, your games in 1.0 will be short and full of salt.

  • Tony Mansfield

    Actually I do hope they're not done yet. Mines I think could do with some work still -specifically to do with fixing the encounter mode and Fjords is a map which appears to be horribly unbalanced so far. I'd certainly appreciate peoples thoughts on that one!

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