Subnautica | Part 78 | A ROCKET TO SPACE!!

Let's finish Subnautica TOGETHER!! It's time for one last run through the terrifying depths of the ocean to finish every little thing you guys would like to see! LET'S DO THIS!!
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  • SandKat Reacts

    "A wopping 53% that say their doesn't exsist a cannon"Mark- 2018

  • Mästare Kalk

    hey mark and anyone starting a brand new game of subnautica, do not use lanternfruit/potatoes in your cyclops, bulbo trees and marblemellons are way better

  • anxious


  • prince moonstone

    i hoep the make a artic one that would be cool

  • helackight yt

    WAIT!!!Isn't Bubble butt dead

  • Jinx198

    Did anyone find Markiplier‘ time capsule?

  • Jade

    If they release more YOU BETTER COVER IT!

  • ItzMe_Magic

    lol I like your glasses

  • DerpKing

    Isn’t there a new DLC?!

  • Bezgod Serlien

    Looking forward to him playing the expansion for this when it hits. You hear that Artic Expansion.

  • Elmer Sprangers

    Im so sad that its over with THIS game i know theres more to come bur still this was such an adventure for all of us DEFENATLY so mark. Good job for this wonderfull thing you brought us

  • sophie km

    DRILL BABY DRILL (For all you HIMYM fans)

  • Dominick Steffens

    You can get another one and tak3 it with u

  • goku 456

    Your bitchy screaming blocks out the voices in my head

  • Abex Inkletsu

    2018 i love this serie

  • Derpy Doge

    at the end when he was taking pics of calvin there was an option saying "say farewell"

  • Spirit Wraith

    You and jacksepticeye are in the credits! XD

  • sense Bucket

    Theres no gun!Idiots......The gun doesn't exist!

  • Reese Paul

    I love that the dub step is the first song in credits. CUE THE DUBSTEP!

  • Joey Poutous

    you can find another cuddle fish in the mushroom zone

  • Extra Bleach plz

    I didn't get my bag of piss

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