World of Tanks Epic Wins and Fails Ep67

World of Tanks Epic Wins and Fails Ep67 | Zekin 60fps
Мир Танков , タンクの世界 , ワールドオブタンクス

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1. Rolipso - Sway
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2. TheFatRat - Windfall
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3. TheFatRat - Time Lapse
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4. Kevin MacLeod - Fluffing a Duck
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  • Zekin 60fps

    Have you a good day with healthy, lucky and a delicious lunch! 😚😚😚


    IDK why this game control the win ratio, pen ratio, damage ratio and earning ratio. when i found the function, i afk. really stupid internal math modle. nothing different between the normal days' earning and festivals' earning X2 = X3 = X5 exp earning. what is the different between the afk and play really well???? i don't know. This game want you pay more but didn't want to give you more. This game made many reaserch on the human behaviors, but if this game do this thing like that, i feel so dispointed for this game. i only can tell you that if you want to make more benefits, try to minmize your playing times. is the same, everyday, when you play more then 120 mins your earning will greatly decrease. For example, you won't pen any target, such as 50m T34 can't pen a B-C, full time aiming, and hit the ground, when you lose many times, you can hit and pen every tank without aiming but when you make more damage then your tank's hitpoint each game, you won pen any tank more or have most 20% pen ratio and hit ratio. all this data is from T34 and GRILL 15 this 2 tank. I will change the game eventhougth i pay a lot, but pay for the russian means zero return. they want each players in this game to pay for this game, and after you pay they will use all method to let you pay more. When i found this math modle, i feel so dispointed of this game and company. If you want to control don't do it like this, try to lean somthing from LOL, they also control but not like this. When i got an M, next game the service gave me 6 afk player, how to explain that????? i am unlucky???? i met this 7 times, everytimes i got an M next game have at less 4 AFK players or bots. i will show all what i found in order to let few new player to come to play this game. This is so stupid, in the pass, i don't want to say anythings, but now, it exist every festival. GOOD LUCK WOT

  • Spit Bull

    This game have to much idiots 😂

  • mati ma

    6:47 wtf b-c 25t ap noob

  • Norbert Tóth

    The STB-1 was a total idiot

  • Aaron Brockington

    @9:38...interesting...on consoles, that area is like an underground causeway...but we dont have the overpass area to far south that people like to drive off of onto enemys...

  • Mr. NTL

    I love you.Nice Vidéos.Super Gg

  • Dawnstar_ Guard

    nice video but this sounds all put same songs on vid

  • Waffrentiger YT

    Umm zekin. How about if u add the vehicle name not only the name of the player. Im a new player so i dont know wht vehicle it is. I ve interest lot of tank in your videos. But dont know wht tank it is /cry. Plz add it XD

  • Limko

    Where can i find replays?

  • Manux Gx

    Salut les français #TEAMFRENCH

  • Semih Duyar

    How old are you zekin60fps

  • CrasH

    Très chouette ces séquences, ça représente bien WoT en plus . Merci à toi Zekin :)

  • JustTqmZbhj

    Your video's are always funny😜🤣

  • Ivan Boyanov

    03:23 you can see fire extinguisher w/o auto fire extinguisher(big one) its use mods and if not wrong this mod to make regular supply automatic its ban able!

  • Tuan Nguyen

    Quảng cáo 4 lần... realy 😐

  • ___KRIPER___


  • Gytis321 S

    All fun disappear fast when you realize that all of these players wn8 is less then 500...

  • Rieju RR Production - Gopro

    6:50 that epic bat chat. he misses 5 shells at 1 meters like a good bot

  • Andrius Stakeliunas

    Tundra mod user 4:58

  • gilly mcsilly

    Zekin, you provide the most laughter and enjoyment with those funny faces...look forward to all your content...ty

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