KINGDOM HEARTS III – D23 Expo Japan 2018 Monsters, Inc. Trailer

KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 in 2018.
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Originally aired at Disney’s D23 Expo Japan 2018 Tokyo, this trailer reveals that Sora, Donald, and Goofy will be adventuring in the Monsters, Inc. world! Check out Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s monster forms, powerful new Keyblade attacks, and the return of past friends and foes!

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  • Ohair Flippio

    There is so much happening in this trailer

  • Ostrava

    Ah fuck... Marluxia's back. Time to get your ultra gay on lads, this hunk of man's gonn make this game fab af.

  • Daniel Foster

    My favorite sora forms are the monsters inc form ands the lion king form

  • João Vitor Jordão

    If Square-Enix is handling this project alone i'm done

  • French Toast

    I need to play the whole series all over again

  • Jimmy H

    I swear in a lot of these KH3 trailer/gameplay videos I always see someone comment "I nutted while watching this" LOL. I mean I don't blame them cus' this game is definitely sexy

  • Burger King Foot Lettuce

    hearing Toy Story in Japanese just feels weird

  • Benny Boi

    I wish we could have seen the audiences reaction.

  • Jhalen Hanshaw

    Cant wait to see the drive forms. Final form was so badass idk how they can surpass it

  • diesofast

    3:16 I don't know what the blue thing is but I hope to god it's a Tsum Tsum

  • Jonah Aqui

    0:50 I know it's in Japanese... But Woody's voice...

  • Mr. retarded

    Put it on the Nintendo switch

  • darthstarkiller1912

    Surprised seeing the Dream Eater Spirits again.

  • Animus Silica

    Suggestion for the new tagline: ">:3"

  • Izzy Starbright


  • xolbor

    2:42 WE'RE NOT AIMING FOR THE TRUCK hits moon

  • Danny Sandoval

    Is this PS4 exclusive?

  • Lost Souls

    Poor seiyuu, he's talking to himself... Miyu Irino does the voice for both Sora and Vanitas

  • Goblin Shack

    This looks like a good game ill never play,Cause i dont believe in playstation... or socks

  • Tom Smurf

    John Goodman voice"MIKE, WE GOTTA STOP SEPHIROTH!"

  • Stefan Larsen

    hey, im really struggling to understand why there are disney characters in this trailer. if someone could explain wtf is going on here that would be great

  • jaksana boonchom

    3:41 Snap him now!! Sora!!!

  • Ronak Deepak

    Mike Wasowski-senpai take me now

  • Jplaysgamez11

    Now...if only it came out

  • Coconut Head

    2:30 The soundtrack is on point

  • Delta

    I hope Sepiroth and cloud will be on here.

  • Artemis 2D

    So Sora finally recalls Ventus sheltering in his heart thanks to Vanitas. E3 2018, here I come!

  • Gold Connor

    What’s Next Atlus Making a Crossover with Nickelodeon

  • Marcus Parker

    Who ready to drop the heartless when this drops????!!!!!

  • Terminal Sarcasm

    I was really hoping Donald and Goofy got a new costume.

  • LightGuard 112

    Why does sora sound like link...

  • MonsterKat

    Hurry up and release it

  • Lukizi

    I was waiting for this but it's not coming on the switch :(

  • BroZilla2003

    1:22How much are you willing to bet that in the final game it says ‘My name is Sora, this is Donald and Goofy.’

  • antoniss1997

    That means that Sora Donald Goofy Mike and Sully are humans in a real world (Radient Garden , Destiny Island) and Boo is a monster in that worlds

  • Neon Sadae

    Just wait until they make riku kiss kairi

  • Danielle C

    I'm currently playing through KH1 again and this jump in graphics quality has me shook. Like it's really jarring lmao (The newest system I have is a 3DS!)

  • HatsuneKiki

    I’ve been replaying this trailer like crazy, June needs to hurry up, LETS GOOOOOO WOOOOOOOH!!!!!!

  • king nanosh


  • Nagito The super high school level lucky student

    Add a cloud fight again

  • Michael0

    fucking hate the fact that i need to get a console. dammit, the pc master race has failed me. although i still have my ps2 so i can play kh1 and 2

  • TheHotFalafel

    3:25 hey Daft Punk made a cameo.

  • TheSwampDragon888

    Boo as a missing princess of heart! SHE'S SO PURE

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