THEY'LL NEVER EXPECT IT!! | Gmod: Prop Hunt (Funny Moments)

A familiar map with a bunch of familiar faces in more Prop Hunt!

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Outro animation created by pixlpit:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here
  • Connor Lawrence

    Stick himself embrace bzwov secondary journey adult radio Spanish need dark.

  • Septic Faniplier

    I wish they would play this more. It's so funny! I also love seeing them play video games together.

  • Señor Creepypasta

    Seriously Youtube? three force adds that cannot be skipped?

  • Hayley The Nightguard

    lol i like the part when jack turns into a penis XD

  • fox2foxgame lover

    when i was watching this I was eating pizza

  • Kymberly Steiger

    you shud of became the sniper on the wall


    Turkey sandwiches with mayo.

  • Kristina Borgstahl

    more prop hunts pwease jackspticeye

  • blump ps4

    jack plz do moar prop hunt

  • FlamerDued

    Jack was another forbidden dildo. The pickle

  • Rylan Reese

    Finally, The boner squad is back, even tho there "not a thing"

  • Maria Sanchez

    😂😂❤️❤️ this is really funny!

  • Quirkette

    "I LOST MY PENIS, WADE!!" ~muyskerm 2018

  • EdgeyEJ

    Person: I hate Pickles Jack (in video): I LOVE PICKLES! YAY I EAT ME!? 😦🌱Person: I LOVE PICKLES SO MUCH!!!!

  • Mika Ging

    Wow marks such a piece of shit hahahahaha get it 😂

  • Your Mom

    Yo Mama so stupid she thought Jacksepticeye was a eye infection

  • laboss frazier

    Remember the boner cast

  • Jeff Ronk

    Holy moly pony eating macaroni

  • Haley Marie

    these are so funny you guys need to play more of this

  • CringeWorthy

    “I thought you where going to look up vaping”

  • The Channel Reviewer

    I want to go out like BumBum... Some pickles on my head and a smile on my face.

  • Fnaf and anime fan 126

    i laughed so hard. especially the penis moment, that was really funny.

  • Naomi Kitsu

    Screw big macs get dat triple sonic burgerrrrrr

  • MyrtheMysterious

    This is probably my favourite series on the channel ^^

  • Kitaya Wolfe

    I love how chill this vid was. Ya know, everyone being cool... Shooting the shit... All is well. 🤗

  • The Gaming Wolf live

    Good thing i was on a toilet because I laughed till I pooped

  • Tora Yuri

    You'll never see it coming!!!!!

  • booper doOPER

    shoots door"Oops! That's not the button!"

  • Lukesmilesmore123

    @Jacksepticeye Your videos are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • Angelica Orduna

    jacksepticeye you forgot to thing you only made the clap

  • renxai

    “You dOnT kNoW which oNe I AM!!” gunshots I laughed harder than I should have

  • Angelica Orduna

    jacksepticeye you forgot to do your thing on the first part but you only made clap sound

  • Krystal Kelsey

    Its what i watch every night

  • s King

    Not going to lie jack I tried to feed you pizza when eating

  • The Great O Davis

    Jack: looks at Bob WOAH! HE'S RIGHT THERE! watches Bob go awayHE'S INSIDE YOU! I HAVE TO GET HIM!

  • Ray Randolph

    Jack you always make me laugh and i hope that you can continue your vids

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