Les Twins: World Of Dance The Qualifiers 2017 [HQ]

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NBC World Of Dance
World of Dance 2017 - Les Twins: Qualifiers

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Youtube Channel - Newtz
6LACK - Free (Les Twins World of Dance Qualifiers 2017 Edit)
  • Rifaldi Yatna

    the dance is full of drama huh

  • Suzü Guruñg

    This is a best dance .😘😘😘😘

  • beunca smith

    aye this the hardest to me , them guys can dance you😍

  • Billy Wabomba

    You really own dance you guys

  • turn_up_ 101

    Him:you won’t to go and get some food I’m buying.Me: 0:03

  • Kiera The Dancer

    Is it bad that I’ve watched this so many times that I have the choreography memorized?

  • mārīte kantāne

    I watching your videos every day and I love those.

  • beunca smith

    aye 0.54 thru 0.57 go hard

  • nikil niki

    Which song is this ???

  • Danzo musal

    Wow idol LES TWINS dinseng hipop

  • daegu panda


  • Andre Castro

    como é nome dessa musica?

  • Jack

    The audience reactions look fake

  • joão vitor

    117 imbecis deram não sei porque deslike na dança dos cara , so por que os dois arrebentam ?

  • alina costi

    A 126 invidiosi non piace questo video...ma andate a cagareee ....coglioni

  • Nelima Bernadetta

    Les Twins..you guys are the best...love you

  • chrisa kng

    Daaaamnnn this is one of my favourite video of 2017😆😄

  • Dhanajay Dahitnekar

    Nice Dance i like it

  • Tamara W

    Any one knows the name of the song they dancing to

  • Arlene Adap

    They are amazing!!! But you know what? There are lota of dancers like them here in the Philippines..... No offense meant.

  • cooper solyk

    what is the song i like it

  • Curly_mixture _kiddo

    I can watch this all day and its amazing how flexible their body are. It seem like since their twins they can communicate inside each other minds to see wat they goin to do next

  • spring day

    Been a fan of them since 2013 and i can pretty much tell whos who by just the smallest mannerisms 🤣

  • beunca smith

    they can dance better then Chris Brown hands down

  • elkadioui zaza

    Please what the name of this music

  • Zohan Kucak

    😯😯😯😯😯i Löwe you les twins a expert dancing

  • Nete Glindvad Kristensen

    So I am not a dancer, so it's sometimes hard for me to catch all the little things they are doing, so I putted the tempo for the video on 0,5 and watched it, and man, that really makes it totally clear how precise they are in their movement to the music. I have so much respect for them! They are indeed the worlds best dancers.

  • jey flow

    los mejores del mundo

  • Ammar Kadah

    I've been watching les twins since the beginning of their appearance on social media , and I would like to say that this is the best of their performances , the best of their movies though it was simple than other movies they did in other computation or performances yet I just feel each of their moves .. Sault them for it, this is another level up ..

  • Nete Glindvad Kristensen

    Love the little pull and push at 1:07

  • Margarita Kuz'mina

    Hi Guys, do you want the complete film? Then search in Google as: "CineHub4U" to find the entire film.

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