Blade and Soul KR 4.6 - Maestro - Act 8 Complete Story Quest with All cinematics - KR Test Server

WARNING!!! Massive Spoiler Alert!!!

Gunslinger class NA/EU release date is 2017 September 13

Maestro is an interesting class to play with, i had so much fun and just can't stop questing.
I just finished the main story line with Maestro and edited the video to make a long story short :D
I do understand that not many ppl have alot of time or patience to watch a 47 minutes video but still you have time. no need to rush, watch 3-5 minute and if it still keep your interest, just take a break and come back later to watch more from it :)

I'm hoping this class will come as soon as possible to NA/EU.

Official Site KR :
Official Site NA/EU :

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  • Ty T

    Wait, why'd they kill him ;-;!

  • Shellie Lincoln

    are those outfit given by the quest or you bought them?

  • ChizuAmori

    I want the new story aaghhhhh TVT You are just don't about the story ooooor just cannot understand the korean? XD

  • Simply R.

    Please does anyone know when act 8 and gunner class will be released for european and american servers? T-T

  • ladescha 27


  • echo SIXTH

    when a new story quest release ?

  • Xblaster pro

    lol you are 55 HM10 but i do 4 times more damage than you

  • Izak

    i hope i can kill that bitch namsoyoo soon

  • Dolgie Progruzki

    44:30I will not cryI am manI have to be brutalI...UAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  • Yosri Dhaoui

    when the story quest release for NA server anyone knows ??

  • Sitri122000

    1 thing is for certain the places you went to are definitely full of yuns. This might be the continent where all the yuns were born

  • ma nigga

    anyone have bns korea account? pls give me one or share it hard register...

  • ludwik Czakanski

    original blade and soul be beter opend world maps non tiny map you need run form 12 befor go your spot and game mising english and all cuntrys voice act conversations as star wars old republick got cent pick whot you tell onle lame old text ho cud be do on map maps easy develoepr shud do onle eng voice conversation if game ar new.

  • Nova

    i hope there will be no level 55 voucher in na/eu

  • Tea Tsuneko

    I keep confusing Mushin with the traitor dude wait is that the traitor dude or mushin?

  • アズマユウタ

    so even in korea they didn't update the main story😩

  • Phát Phạm Thiên

    I couldn't understand!

  • Cata LYN

    i create a gunner in test server and level 50 on training room how to exit i click on exit and nothing pls help

  • Mohid Ahmed

    omg look how easily you levelled!!!!! Hopefully it will be like that when it comes out in NA

  • I am a savage Groot and every woman smokes me

    this wont be available for NA until 2018 I'll bet

  • spooky

    need yun warlocks!and i cant wait the gunslinger

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