QSF vs S4 - Clan War Tier 8 - Karelia

Quickybaby Special Forces vs S4 - Clan War Tier 8 - Karelia

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  • WiU

    To be honest we realized we werent going to spot anything before the game even started Kappa :P

  • Battle typhoon

    I'm not that big a fan of the camping they did at the beginning. Camping with a full light set-up is okay, but they had their "scouts" barely 50-100 meters ahead of their sniping lights. You should always go for map control, or at least vision over the map. The only reason this worked out for them is because S4 camped even harder and let them know they were sitting around in the base when QSF pushed north. That north push with 6 tanks was also very blind. If S4 had done anything but sit in the base, that could've been a loss right then. If S4 had all their tanks in an ambush in the north, QSF would've at least lost 1 or 2 tanks. If S4 had taken the hill, they could've just pushed on cap. If QSF had sent a ru to the middle, a ru to G9 and a ru to C5, they could've been just as safe as they were doing what they did, while getting much more vision. Then, they would have KNOWN S4 was neither on the hill or the north, because they would've spotted something if they were. The base defense was well executed, but it was a dodgy push to the north.

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