World of Tanks Epic Wins and Fails Ep71

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World of Tanks Epic Wins and Fails Ep71 | Zekin 60fps
Мир Танков , タンクの世界 , ワールドオブタンクス

If you want to send your replay containing interesting gameplay please send me a replay file directly to or submit it in and send me a link to Thank u xD

Song theme :

1. ES_Lights Out Work Out 3 - Niklas Ahlström

2. Pure Gold 3 by Niklas Ahlström - [Electro Music]

3. Kevin MacLeod - Fluffing a Duck

4. Guilty Pleasures 3 by Jack Elphick - [Instrumental Pop Music]
  • Roma Kuzmenko

    Вы уже видео какое-нибудь новое ПО приколы и баги

  • The SleepingMoose

    I threw my friend off the docks with my caliber shit was funny😂 and he flew in the air in crashed into the water.



  • Grojin

    4:19 fap fap fap fap fap)))

  • Ryuu CZ

    dislike for CLICKBAIT

  • JustSomeRandomSheep

    8:56 that would be me, I love playing in an Amx 13 75 or any Amx tankBtw my IGN is SteelWolf2747 on NA servers (I play on blitz)

  • Trí Lò Đức

    Who want cheese ?Cost: comment and like{\__/}( • - •)/ ⊃🧀

  • Michal Drvak

    I played today and one left from our team and he destroyed 5 tanks from opposite team ;)

  • zintoha 1

    Ебать копать! Englihs

  • 신한빈

    Dont use that auto aim bot program fuckers

  • Jožo Halaj

    Dement hra pre deti word of tank idiot wot wg RNG.retard hra aj.warnig wot wg wg wg...

  • Zekin 60fps

    Help me 100k Subscriber :3


    Пшел нахуй америкос ебучий

  • Marie BCFHS

    the funniest thing to do in a Jageroo is decapitating IS-7s

  • Vecher :Z

    Чё всё на английском???!!!!!

  • AwM Gaming

    my youtube name should be AwM 1fps :'(

  • Arrow In The Knee

    Check out on my channel how to get free gold :D

  • GameGuideDude

    0:30 bruh look at this E-100 d00000d...

  • Michal Wawer

    byczek1pl to muj znajomy XD

  • Cyrax / Lk 4D4


  • Stikman

    9:32 приглядитесь у нашего героя 556 или 555 hp

  • MaiJuny_Return _

    I love you Videos and i have Subscribe you and i like all you Videos #BestYoutuber

  • Mr Bum Good

    мда вот раков показывают но, чему удивляться меня я сам рак))))

  • bats8879 frynt

    3:30 первый пошёл, второй пошёл

  • Jan Kubeš

    So many ads... dislike

  • Terror con Balto

    2:24 Fight of the disabled

  • Fillin

    Боже, вставлять просто рожи мемов, ебать монтаж...

  • George Mayo

    Great footage but shitty music, get something less gaybar and more meme vid.

  • Daniel Condello

    BADASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andris Balla

    4:33 what i hear ; kocka sajted=square cheesed

  • samuelju2

    Reason why I hate the new physics is pretty much all in the video.

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