Ford Focus RS WRC (DiRT Rally)

Short Monte-Carlo stage with the Ford focus RS WRC from 2007!

(All driving assists OFF)
  • Daniele Ricci

    Complimenti per la guida

  • Cunt Sniffer

    This is so good even Tyler McNamer would be impressed!

  • zenther

    What is "no atajes"?

  • Bepsi Gandhi

    which steering wheel is ghis

  • Alfaiz malik

    When u start drifting U drift ur car very near to the inner circle that make ur drifting look unskilled..just move near to the outer circle before the turn and take drift your car towards the inner circle...or take car to the inner circle before the turn and move it to the not stick with the innermost....

  • illidan155

    ive played both dirt rally and assetto corsa, and i have to say, dirt rally is kinda slow on response, whereas assetto corsa is instant, that makes me prefer assetto corsa more

  • David Vera

    Quien me ayuda que Game es??

  • Jian Luan

    oh man, we need wheel for dirt?! dont' think so!

  • alex dizon

    oh man perfect driving your the best....

  • Komandor Bentus

    Driving controler + pedals but no cockpit view? Snif! :D

  • boomslang

    Why you drive with 2 legs

  • ftg gg

    do you play with or without the clutch ? pls i play without any assists too but i want to know what is the best for training with or without clutch and what does it do ?

  • wtfuredead

    1:37 - i believe that's actually a pretty fast way around that corner. as you went over that bump, having little to no traction, you carried good speed and where able to accelerate out relatively early(but it placed you bad for the next corner). another way would be a little wider before the bump, and using a late apex, even the gravel on the inside (sadly, i can't test that)


    Look up my channel! MEANS A LOT! DiRT 4 and so on

  • Ermin Begic

    Ti nijednom nisi ubacio u 5 brzinu nezznas ti votit

  • Combo ed

    which steering wheel have you got?


    Image this in 1st person and IN VRoh ma gad

  • Patrik Lazi

    Hi bro Xbox 360 gameplay?

  • yevgeny sanchez04

    Man You Made them sharp turns look easy as fuckk holy moly.

  • Yoshiro Poh

    Would you recommend Rally or 4 to just have fun?

  • Kucing Ganteng

    sir, could you tell us the car setup?how do you drift like that? i dont see handbrake use..

  • Mr. I Don't Know My Name

    0:10 my favourite moment.......i like it so much

  • Rafael Reinaldo

    Gostei n muito de ver isso n mais e legal like

  • the360 noscoper

    Who loves the sound of this car

  • Bluesman _5

    Best driver you can find on youtube, unbeatable...very very good player


    как блять можно играть на руле с третего вида,ты в кабине проедь обосрёшся нахуй в первую бардюру


    You help me to know why I love this game ... :)

  • Rakhi Ahir

    Good controlling power bro

  • Raffa Maffela

    I recommend for you tu gutter run to avoid understeer in full speed

  • Gizzy E

    Get in that cock pit view

  • bolex0n PL

    what steering wheel ?

  • Hèctor Raùl Hernadez Campos

    es asqueroso ver tus pies

  • Benedikt Riegler

    You drive good! You should get a upgrade

  • [[[ DRAGONIER ]]]

    People dissing this guy because he’s in third person. I saying playing 3P is a challenge in itself lol

  • Fran Neuville

    wich you prefer henti, dirt, dirt 4 or wrc 7 ?

  • This Machine

    well I expect kan-se drifto. lol

  • ta tip

    what a crazy graphic

  • Da Cat

    lol i play better than you with a keyboard and inside view lol

  • Bepsi Gandhi

    which steering wheel is this

  • rusiru budhika

    what is this game plzzzz give me a link anny one downlord it me plzzzzzzz

  • Hikarmeme

    This comment section in a nutshell: Someone has some constructive criticism Everyone: STFU HATER I BET YOU COULDNT DO ANY BETTER WAH WAH WAH You're all a bunch of whiny autists.

  • Dyru R99


    How to make a good game vidio

  • Kieliopin Kuningas

    What the fuck is that shitty wheel?!?!? You need to get better.

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