World of Tanks - IS-M ace tanker

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  • wood1155

    You don't actually have to make the MM plus one. But just make the Preferred match 6 / 9 not the current 3/ 5/ 7. Make the 3/5/7 a match ONLY if the other 6/9 is not available due to wait times

  • Tim Xoque

    7:25 Funny you say that because that is exactly me. I've never made shit in this but got lots of 10s and enjoy the game.

  • drunk commenter

    I like this guys calm demeanor. By the way I got this tank the first day it was out and lost 13 out of 15 battles. 12 tier 10 games and every team was full of 257s or other russian tanks that 240 gold pen is useless against.

  • Stephen Richards

    matchmaking when i started playing this was plus 9...u could have a Maus and a loltraktor in the same game

  • Rusty

    And you report as if WG will do anything about arty killing themselves. Lol.

  • costel superman

    Bvooo orzy pentru mn ești cel mai bun player din woot ești mult peste Dyaebl ..mult succes in continuare 🤗

  • Ilmari Miettinen

    Yees, i have been waiting for some IS-M gameplay

  • Oanta Stefan

    Scuze dar tier 10 e cel mai canceros matchmaking acumFull gold spam, idioti ca la tier 2Lupte care se termina cu scoruri de genul 15-2 ..Da,amuzant ce pot sa zic...


    nice fight ay but as you know you won that flank coz you only had tier 6ss and 1 tier 8 to worry about ay all good tho

  • arekb5

    I recorded every MM type in last 243 battles and I've been top tier 44 times (18,11%), met only my equal tiers 11 times (4,53%) and was stacked up against higher tiers 188 times (77,37%).This statistic is even worse in tier 8 tanks, for example in 53 battles with AMX 65t, I was top tier 7 times (13,21%), met equal tiers 5 times (9,43%) and was bottom tier 41 times (77,36%).I've also written down number of tanks each tier in every battle and in AMX 65t I faced 105 lower tier tanks (13,48%), 402 equal tier tanks (51,60%) and 272 higher tier tanks (34,92%).I don't know around what this new MM is balanced, but I know that it's far from being fair.

  • it's me Andrew

    HAHAHAAHAHAH..why are you listening this gipsy guy in thr beginning?😂😂😂

  • wood1155

    20% top tier is pathetic this needs to change

  • Andrew Adams

    Op tank vs tier 6. nice game against paper tanks

  • Siropoulos Pagonis

    this is greek voice song m8 u like ? this song 0:30

  • Csaba Pintér

    You are in the best Top tier heawy and med position! Gratulation!

  • michał Zachariasiewicz

    Its over 20% Kappa, 10% from 14 is 1,4, So 20% is 2,8 ;)

  • Christopher Karopoulos

    Greek music??? i am Greek.HOw u listen that?

  • Martin Bjerg Nielsen

    remove the shit music, sound like crap

  • ACA B.B.B.

    SU-14-1 fucking trash of arty players ... typical of them

  • Γιώργος Πίκελ

    Ο λογος που παιζει η Κ@ριολα στο background? Lel

  • Free Zone

    maybe wg should put easy mode ingame. frst for rl money and then for silver. 50% more pen and dmg boosters too ;)p.s. gg man and tnx for vid.

  • Ilti Mehmedov

    Tier 5, 6 and 7 lights = fun for me! Tier 8 and above need to have premium account to be able to shoot gold because there are many good tanks.

  • TheDukeV /

    again piece of shit arty drowning himself

  • maccool

    It would be great if they would let us chose between +1 MM, with possibly longer queue time, or +2 if we dont care so much and just want quick games.

  • eVo

    Voiai sa asculti manele si ai bagat ceva asemanator ?:))))

  • moeraskikker woud

    Above 20%, 14/3 * 100% >20%

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