Why I hate MM in WoT Blitz...

No comment -_- I always have teams of noobs, and you?

Elektronomia - Energy https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2wml6eoLQ0U

Alan Walker - Spectre [NCS Release] https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AOeY-nDp7hI

Blade - Vampire Dance Club Theme https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cNOP2t9FObw
  • Kubacraft

    Jes5em Polakiem. I ty pewnie też xDPS. Daj swoje konto, ja dam ci swoje

  • war_wolf 256

    Yeah i knowwPros match with noobsAnd noobs match with prosBut when a pro dies let's just hope rng help them

  • Ram ramanuj

    How can you play with 300 ping

  • Miqueias Dutra

    Feel bad for you bro... MM sucks almost every battle, think the same thing happens to everyone who tries to play in right way


    Only noobs and Retards are playing this game wot is much better or War thunder...........

  • Ammar Robbani

    I hate noob too, but every players can teach from pro players, Sorry, I can't English, I'm Indonesian...

  • hacker7112 Yt

    MM is still Total Bs until today

  • KGB russia

    Kill these gyes if you find them, they have no reason to leave.

  • Mniam 145

    Youre polish Player?

  • Hal Moore

    Just come to wot pc or war thunder damnit. Theres no room for noobs especially war thunder that has realistic settings

  • Sneek AK

    Noobs annoy me. The game is mot fun amymore because either ur on a noob team or vs a noob team. Its never a good team vs good team

  • Sitrep Stalker

    I am pro in this game my region asia

  • Patato Loic

    Because they’re scrubs that cant play for shit.

  • Daniel Santhanam Naszke

    ty jesteß polak foxy

  • Noobus On_Blitz

    Why do u scope out b4 u shoot

  • vivek kalluri

    once had a 60 w/l player call my platoon noob he did 140 dmg in lttb and me and my mate did 2k collectively in t7 tanks his reasoning is that as my plat is noob he being a unicum got rekt at the start of the game and there are different kind of pros they camp in back all game letting the team take hits and when team loses he blames hate the unicum tardy bastards

  • Gucci Bär

    WOW so hard noobs...............omg............im sorry xD :(

  • lofernes

    My afks are always heavys tank and med tanks

  • Florian Langklotz

    i know . every day.most in evening

  • Alex De Pascual

    They suck so bad.. I want to kill my self after battles like that...

  • lofernes

    M4 i use it i had no problem fast and good damage so i dont think its a noob tank

  • Kayne Newton

    Just a speculation,but I think you need to spend money in order to improve MM.

  • Bubwa Playz

    A NOOB is a person who just started with some known experience but a PRO is someone who has known the game for a long time. You can't be mad of ur team you should take pride instead of winning

  • Clone CT9517

    Did a «deafeat» streak because all of my team even grouped couldn't kill anyone So yeah (i also clutch a win due to that)

  • Círculo Vermelho

    Why in the end of video u kept repeating the sound "wtf" it is just annoying

  • Gavin Fleming

    A pro is someone who plays smart and is a team player Not someone who steals kills

  • Círculo Vermelho

    The noob is u, why always before u shoot u disable aim? U were always bouncing kv1

  • No te importa

    it is not the same as a noob that someone lagged in this case is noted that the kv hiba laggeado and the m7 if it was noob. forgive if you do not understand but I translated it in Google :v

  • ramuan lelaki

    if you want to be a pro in this game,you must know how to be good camper and keep being selfish every battle....take a shot and hide,shoot and hide shoot and hide,if teamate request help,just ignore them....

  • Ismail JAF

    I really really really hate noob bcs noob is kids

  • Jan Štos

    Wg:"we have balanced mach making............"

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