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Words: Dan Bull
Music: Dead Man Walkn ( / /
Video: Nick J Henderson (
  • Mario Bošnjak

    Its been 4 years,i still dont get why you used the same beat for planetside 2

  • A Bread Skate

    even tho this song was made 3 years ago this is lit af, what u talking about i don't fap to this...

  • Ryan Goro.

    I can make a pun with hetzer.I hetzer in the face with a 50mm cannon

  • Mark Louie

    this rap song so terrible it doesn't even get to called epic rap song or something I honestly like it machina's world of tanks rap song rolling out

  • Ryuya S

    1. Marder II (Mudder/I'm harder too)2. Object3. Nashorn (Nah, sure,)4. Bison (Bye son.)5. IS (I say)6. Ke-Ho (K HO)7. Locust8. Crusader (Crusading)9. Lorraine (The rain)10. Tortoise 11. M7 Priest12. Patton (Pattern)13. Lowé (learn the)14. Ferdinand15. Hellcat16. JagPanther/Panzer (panther)17. Jackson18. Birch Gun19. Leichttraktor (Like tractor)20. T7 Combat Car (combat cardinal)21. Tiger22. Maus (mouse)23. Grille (Grill)24. Wespe25. Valentine26. Bat Chat 25 t (bet that) 27. Hetzer28. Sherman (sure, man)29. Churchill30. Cromwell31. Wolverine32. Chi-Ri (cheery)33. Covenanter34. Leopard35. Chi-To (Cheeta)36. T1 Cunningham37. Hummel (hum a lullaby)38. Luchs (luck, son)39. T28 Prototype 40. Ram II (ram too)41. Dickermax (dick, I maxed)42. M5 Stuart43. Cruiser (Cruising)44. Bishop45. Vickers Medium Mk.1 (Vicars)46. Conqueror (conquering) 47. Comet48. SU (bless you)Farfetched ones:1. AT (A titan)2. TOG II* (got you/time to)3. T1 Heavy (heavyweight)4. Rheinmetal-Borsig Waffenträger (terrain 'til)5. M3 Lee (actually)6. Sexton I (lesson)7. Type-[No.] (Typecast)8. ISU (pulverise you)9. Chi-Nu (Chin up)10. M2 Light11. Pershing (bruising)How did I do?

  • pubg-mobie-video crew-propubg

    1. Titan2. Cypher3. Object4. Tyson5. Nashorn 6. Bison 7. K HO 8. Locust9. Crusader10. Lorraine11. Tortoise12. Priest13. Patton14. Ferdinand 15. Hellcat16. Panther17. Jackson18. Birch Gun19. Type 5920. Leichtraktor21. Tiger22. Maus23. Grille24. Wespe 25. Valentine26. Hetzer27. Sherman 28. Churchill29. Cromwell30. Wolverine 31. M3 Lee32. Chi - ri 33. Covenant 34. Leopard35. Chi To36. Cunningham37. Hummel 38. Luchs 39. Prototype 40. RAM II41. Dickermax 42. M3 Stuart 43. Marder II44. Cruiser45. Bishop46. Vickers47. Combat car 48. Conqueror 49. Comet50. SU-152

  • MrR34P

    Shoulda "Would you like a normal sized car? No,Tanks."

  • Del Gardner

    Danbull your videos are coll

  • Dylan Chester

    Really not as good as JTMachinia

  • SilentShadow497

    Being a huge world of tanks fan, this is awesome!

  • Devon Cole

    I found 40 tank names

  • Zamtram Beta

    I don't still understand that even though im new to WoT-mostly of you all missed Birch Gun and Car(T7 Car)

  • OBRISTAT Games

    Tiger mouse Valentine (finding hidden ones)

  • Zack Loo

    Tanks are big,Big are tanks.Dan, I know this is probably sponsored but come on.

  • Battlefield 1 master

    JT music his rap was WAY better

  • Der Janitschar

    Close to Eminems Voice. Lol

  • Robeloox The ROBLOXian

    Tiger vs mouse.Don't you mean Tiger vs. Maus.

  • H b

    I fel so dum listening to this song. se hhe dum im typing

  • Ninja Chicken

    Well if you done a bit of reasearch you would know that theres a tank with 200 tonnes not with 5 tonnes pfftt..... thats nothing ;) (the 200 ton tank is Maus)

  • Land_Turtle

    the planetside 2 rap was better

  • Zamtram Beta

    I fly a Hydra you fly a Besra-when i ask you to subscribe to my channel you reply "Yes Sir!"

  • Der Janitschar

    Everyone forgot the T7 Combat Car

  • Everything Is Playable

    0:19 - Object (codename for most Soviet tanks in WWII era and also a staple of many tank's names in-game)0:24 - "Bye son!" pronounced as: Bison (tier 3 alternative german artillery piece)0:27 - K ho (this might be a stretch but a japanese tier 3 medium is called ke-ho)0:30 - Locust (tier 3 American Premium light tank)0:31 - "Crusading [...]" - Crusader (tier 5 British light-before change/medium post-change)0:36 - Tortoise (tier 9 British non-turreted tank destroyer)0:41 - Priest (tier 3 American Self-Propelled-Gun)(0:43 "pattern" - Could be pronounced as "Patton" which are the tier 9 and tier 10 American mediums respectively - may be a stretch)0:45 - Ferdinand (tier 8 German Tank Destroyer)0:47 - Hellcat (tier 6 lightly armored American tank destroyer)0:47 - Panther (tier 7 German medium)0:48 - "Samuel L. JACKSON" (Jackson - tier 6 slower American tank destroyer)0:49 - Birch Gun (tier 4 British SPG)(0:52 - "Nice actor" - COULD be pronounced as leighttraktor, the tier 1 German light. - may be a stretch)0:55 - "Like Tractors" - Definitely meant to be the Leighttraktor (tier 1 German light)1:04 -"[...] car" (tier 2 gift/premium American light tank)1:08 - Tiger (tier 7 and 8 German heavy tanks respectively)1:08 - Mouse (Maus - tier 10 German Superheavy)1:10 - Grill (Grille - tier 5 and 10 German SPG and tank destroyer respectively)1:12 - Wespe (tier 3 German SPG)1:16 - Valentine (tier 4 British and Premium Soviet light tanks respectively)1:19 - Hetzer (tier 4 German tank destroyer)1:25 -"[...] sure, man" (Definitely meant to be "Sherman" Tier 5 American and British and both tier 6 American medium tanks respectively)1:29 - Churchill (tier 5 British and Premium Soviet heavy tanks and tier 6 British heavy respectively)1:30 - Cromwell (tier 6 British non-premium AND premium medium tank respectively)1:31 - Wolverine (Worse tier 5 American tank destroyer)1:36 - Covenant (Covenanter - tier 4 British medium tank)1:37 - Leopard (tier 5 German light, tier 9 and tier 10 mediums respectively)(1:39 - "Cunning" Could be a reference to the tier 1 American light tank - may be a stretch)1:42 - "Luck, son" (Could be a reference to the Luchs, tier 4 German light)1:43 - Prototype (T28 Prototype - tier 8 American turreted TD)1:47 - "[...] ram too" (Could be a reference to the tier 5 American premium medium)1:50 - "You DICK, I MAXed out [...] (Could be a reference to the tier 6 Premium German TD - Dicker Max)1:51 - Stuart (tier 3 and 4 American light tanks respectively)1:55 - "Cruising" (Cruiser, tier 3 British medium tanks)1:57 - Bishop (tier 5 British SPG)(1:58 "Vicars" Could be a reference to the Vickers tank series which are the tier 1, 2, 3 British mediums and the tier 2 Chinese light tanks respectively)2:00 - Comet (tier 7 British medium tank)that is 32 I believe, I have no idea where the other 18 could be...EDIT: IF and it is a huge IF - but if we count EVERY SINGLE OBJECT TANK, and some tanks which I've never heard of, it COULD be done, but I think that it is kinda bullshit. Anyways :/

  • Cheetah da 107

    I'd love to see this rap with the latest gameplay

  • Balla fool

    Tiger is bigger than Maus?DOES DAN BULL EVEN FOKING PLAY WORLD OF TANKS???

  • Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    there should be a reboot of this rap on this game

  • Arlon Aviation

    CypherMudderTysonBye sonK hoLocustsCrusadingTortoisePantherTigerMouseGrilleVespeValentineHetzerSure manChurchillCovenant dammit the vid too fast

  • rex johnson

    dan bull u forgot the maurders for the german td line tiers 3,4. and lots more like the t29 m6 heavy and the m1 heavy but other than that very good man. and it is maus not mouse lol i got it but just for the fun of it i tell u

  • Mayet Galia

    Now you made a song or rap for favorite game.THATS AWESOME😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Ok it’s been multiple years. Where is my warthunder rap

  • OBRISTAT Games

    Do one on WAR THUNDER

  • Devin Osland

    Best chorus yet Dan bull

  • Deidara

    1.''Mudder'' = Marder2. Object3. ''Nah Sure'' = Nashorn4. ''Bye Son'' = Bison5. Ke-Ho6. M22 Locust7. ''Crusading'' = Crusader 8. A39 Tortoise9. M7 Priest10. ''Pattern'' = Patton11. Ferdinand12. M18 Hellcat13. Panzer. V ''Panther''14. M36 ''Jackson/Slugger''15. Birch Gun16. ''Like Tractors'' = Leichtractor17. Panzer. VI ''Tiger''18. Panzer. VIII ''Maus''19. Grille20. Wespe21 Valentine22. Hetzer23. ''Sure Man'' = M4 Sherman24. Churchill25. Cromwell26. M10 Wolverine27. ''Chin Up'' = Chi-Nu28. ''Cheery'' = Chi-Ri29. Covonanter30. Leopard31. ''Luck, Son'' = Luchs32. Ram II33. ''Dick, I Maxed'' = Dicker Max34. M3/M5 Stuart35. Cruiser36. Bishop37. Vickers MBT38. Vickers Medium39. Vickers A1E1 Independant 40. Conqueror41. A34 Comet 1Fuck

  • Ayesha Sheraz

    Chorus could've been "TAnks are big-what's are tanks, would like a normal sized car? no thanks"

  • A Bread Skate

    i also heard when u used chi-ri :p

  • CompleteEpicness

    I'm a Tiger you're a Maus! oh wait... Stupid Nazi tank namers!

  • Joe Moses

    I have only just got the ram II word play..

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