GO-IN vs FAME || Clan War [Campaign] - Airfield || World of Tanks

GO-IN vs FAME || Clan War [Campaign] - Airfield || World of Tanks

(Uploaded cause Mark wanted a video x d)

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  • squee

    Continue posting man, i love your videos, thanks for sharing. We are working our way up in clan ratings and your videos help too. Please dont stop

  • JΛF

    Fame was really weak we won more than 80% of the games with my clan...but the funny part with these assholes is that when u beat them aggressive they call u yolo noob clan ....and when u play control and win em they call u camping clan FUCKING FAGGOTS MAN!!! They have no respect just a bunch of selfish irogant assholes!!! And that ladies and gends is the definition of FAME clan

  • Peter W

    Der Spieler GoHardEasyCarry vom GO-IN Clan ist eine altes Teamkillerschwein mit seiner Arty. Ich werde einen Youtube Channel machen mit dem Replay. Damit jeder diesen Idiot LIVE erleben kann, 30 Sekunden sind ja Copy right free und können auch nicht von WG von Youtube netfernt werden. FUCK YOU ARTY NOOB!

  • Joachim Kahn

    I am a Bob, how many credits did you lose for this match? I am starting to play clan stuff a bit now and was wondering how expensive it is..

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