[Blade & Soul] - Cutscene English sound/subtitle - Part 9 ( Act 7 )

All cutscene from Act 7 ( Secrets of the Stratus update ), which was released on 12/04/2017. If you missed any of the story cutscene, check the links bellow. All rights reserved to NCsoft!

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p.s. Excuse me for the recording counter which you can see in the upper right of the videos. I've notice that right after I finish the story.

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  • ekko chibi

    việt nam có chưa nhỉ

  • FErgersonn THE GREAT

    I'm itching to go to the Korean server just to continue to the story. And where the hell is Ryu????

  • Jasselle


  • Ahmed Mouhamed

    can i get ur char preset

  • A_Rolling_Pygmy

    This scene made me SO MAD when i first played through it. I got so mad at Cricket for letting another pupil of theirs get hurt and them being so WEAK! UGH!!

  • Filip Gajic

    Why is the mc such a mute wimp?

  • Yasuo Siêu Phẩm

    So soyunn is not so 😕

  • Elmo van Helsing

    I felt so bad on the last part, everyone went for the player and left Soyun there alone lol

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