World of Tanks│World of LoLs - Episode 23

Oh boy oh boy! I'm not dead! Why does noone read teh FaceBewks!

I'm gonna skip the story as to why I didn't upload for 2 months, that's on my facebewk!

I've been trying to put this episode out as soon as I could.
It was sitting cold for a long while, and then I got back to it with the usual editing of 4+ hours per day. Then for the last week I've been pulling all nighters to finish it before the 26th :D!

So now I'm going to focus all my efforts on the next episode:
the Christmas/New year Special (idk bout the name yet hah).
I'm going to be busy this month on some other parts like traveling and outside-youtube work, so it should be an interesting December!

Currently we got 95,692 subs, so I'm also going to see if I can manage a 100K special, with all the work I need to do, It's gonna be a christmas miracle if I can finish all dis shit!
Anyway, enough out of me!
Until next time :D!
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* Overwatch - Victory Theme Remix by The Musical Ghost
* Pots And Pancakes 1 - Gunnar Johnsén
* French Accordion - Traditionell Musette
* Pat & Mat original theme
* Japanese Garden 10 - Magnus Ringblom
Outro: Nyanimals by Thomas Ripper

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  • Bakir Kraljinaa Lol

    Ta titili ta, ta titili ta,ta titili ta, ta ta ta tilitili

  • Brix Mapping and Gaming

    I got PTSD so many times watching these vids

  • ultimative Soldat

    Never give up なんか聞いたことある声

  • Chat Noir

    10:49 VIVE LA FRANCE !!!!!!!!!!

  • candy team

    Taa tittili taa! Taa tittili taa!😂

  • John Sharp

    i once jumped onto a kv2 and i was behind his turret and he killed me!

  • Lisa Lilley

    I'm in love with the intro song (very 1st)

  • Gergő kiss

    no englisch egy picit

  • xTFLogical Ohio

    What is that song at 0:25?

  • I like Games

    Your tank is stronk when rngesus is with you ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

  • Lam Vuong


  • Vilius Malmiga

    Sometimes i think they are russians :|

  • The Blurry Bunny

    I dare you to make tripper kill!!

  • Traxxas Driver

    I absoluteley love this series!! I can’t watch them so much time’s without laughing


    I feel sorry about you getting flanked by the enemy team lol

  • nikos papadopoulos

    Swallow a hamster :P I’m dying XD

  • James Mercer

    When's the next one coming out

  • oscar rin

    You guys are legends

  • Nightcore Phakhin

    What's your music 1:20

  • I like Games

    Your vids are mah favorite

  • Joseph Stalin


  • Neòn Creeper

    Una vez me quedé con 1 de vida con el O-Ni

  • sleekpvz king

    no matter how much hp u have keep fighting arty heavy light etc rng might just praise u

  • I like Games

    Guys listen to spongebob gets lit.

  • Khaos Gaming

    Its really nice that i can understand even if im czech :D #Bača

  • Szymek 220

    What is music names at 2:46? Please, this music is very nice

  • Brix Mapping and Gaming

    I got the T26E4 SuperPershing from a gold crate (premium) and all of it's upgrades SOMEHOW

  • Williamgameplays monteiro

    o primeiro cara e br ele e da xblau

  • Nono

    HON HON HON ( yeah I'm French ) , I have a question : I am the only one who cried when i saw the old ELC AMX with his 90mm gun ? I loved this tank and wargaming litteraly destroyed him .

  • Jakob Loboda

    Boi i laughed at first 15 seconds of the video. Amazing job m8.

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