SPOILER ALERT - Blade and Soul KR - Act 9 Chapter 1 to 18 - Complete Story Quest with All cinematics

First of all, SPOILER ALERT! If the title wasn't enough.
If you watch this video you might regret watching it. Turn back now!
Still here? Good. The first 23 minutes of the video are filled with dialogues and one single cutscene.
The real shit starts at around 24 min.

I tried to keep this video as short as possible. I only cut fight scenes out.

Official site (KR) : http://bns.plaync.com/update/history/2017/171206_flamedragon

Official site (EN) : http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/

December 13 update information (KR) : http://bns.plaync.com/news/updateall/article/6036

More Blade & Soul videos : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyrdDta0nFo_kNVVbMHpUDiCsne02rOsn

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PS : It might contains a little bit of frame drop here and there, but i tried my best to edit the shit out of this video.
  • Jin Tohaku

    The story is just getting plain retarded at this point. The character never does anything but stand in one spot with their arms stretched out. And getting beat by your own disciple? At this point i think they should just scrap all of this shit and rewrite the story from the old silverfrost patch. Back when things actually made sense.

  • Nova

    i dont know if i watch it or no... (i play in eu version and it dosent have act 9

  • A_Rolling_Pygmy

    Something makes me believe that Ryu doesn't remember his Master, or meeting him was set up and he was never really an orphan, or he has been controlled by dark magic. What is really going on with him?

  • Emma Walker

    RYU YOU LITTLE PRICK! cries BUNYANG!!!!! cries more

  • Lelya Skryabina

    Бля... слишком грустно...не могли что-ли сделать без убийств учеников Пути Хона,или хотя бы убили,но не их...а в конец можно было сделать счастливым, например:возвращение Рю...куда китайцы смотрят,только бы и сделать смерть близких персонажей,к которым мы привыкли и полюбили их...очень грустно... хотелось бы чтоб можно было их воскресить...в общем,жду продолжения,с грустью и слезами от этого акта...

  • IᏕλΐλђBΞᏕҬ

    I find it disgusting how our MC can never do anything the first time around, Mushin is the only person I could understand the MC struggling against, but at this point he should be able to thrash everyone else. Plus killing off the entire new generation of the HM school is kinda dumb unless it serves some purpose to make the MC actually brutal which is very unlikely, smh...

  • Wulfrik, the Berserker

    I wish there was something like "Ten years later". The last cricket bears great power.

  • Jon John

    wow, people actually pay money to be exposed to this depressing story?? These dev's truly have a darkside. At least Swtor gives you a choice. This one you are doing all this stuff and in the end, everything is worse and more loved ones are killed...smh

  • da xu gánh tem hai muoi gờ gờ

    Where is lusung ? ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°)

  • dragonewt

    Lol are they reusing the Talus soldiers model for Stratus soldiers? NCsoft on tight budget.

  • Music Kid

    im glad bunyang dies; screw him

  • Alex Black

    This is so fkin sad.I liked all of the apprentices specially Jinbin.May be Cricket manages to revive them from Spirit Realm or may be they didn't really die and it was just an illusion.May be they were just kidnapped somewhere to be sacrificed instead for dark lord or something and we might rescue them.All of them really dying like this would kind of suck,though since Cricket lost their old family and master Hong before already and those 3 apprentices didn't really take their time with Cricket yet so not really a very good time to kill all of them off,yet.

  • mindlessmanic

    What is it with the Hongmoon school and betrayal?

  • Sakamaki Sora

    1 year to kill each simple mob

  • ahah ihih

    Ah, guys, don't be sad, you know how hard it is to get outfits in this game right? Yeah, those guys die so that we can have our black hongmoon outfits. Great right?

  • Péricles

    All i can think about this mess is old Cho receiving the news about his grandsons...

  • ChizuAmori

    I play with it too, and just kill my heart.....that ending is so sad...T_TCan you know about something that what happened with the 8th master? Cuz we can see a cinematic about Madun and the other masters escaping from their prison, cuz the other masters help them out....but this is don't shown in the story. :/ And not in the dragon raid....So Im so curious where is that? T-T Or it's just come out in 01.10?

  • Jan Estrella

    Kill Ryu>Use HM Revival Charm On Ryu>Kill Ryu Again (Feels Good)

  • Nhân Thành

    the Story sad, From the beginning it was in Musin's plan

  • KiwiManiac

    WHAT?! HOW MANY MORE CHARACTER DEATHS ARE THERE GOING TO BE???!!! And what the hell happened to the MC??? Why couldn't they stop Ryu? Is she still somehow being affected by the Black Rose or whatever it's called?! I'm literally so confused .

  • Kaung Si

    I hope we get some long winded murderfest beat down when we finally beat Mushin's ass. Maybe make it class specific and extra brutal. Hell, just make it like Luke, goes into dark side for a moment to beat up a baddie and turn back to light after friends come.

  • Yoona Im

    Hi ^^ Can I ask u what is Empress Ak Dowager name? I translation BNS manhwa, and i don't know her name? She's name Seobgwang-Yeong or what? ><

  • Ryu Hyun

    Altho it a very sad act, but i am thankful you uploading this. At least it lets me have a heart preparation for this.... ; w ; BnS plot tends to have low and high. Guess this is the low point of this arc... ; w ;

  • Chunkkrink

    why does he do so little dps as HM 11....

  • Marcos Antonio

    ... Well not watching cutscenes anymore, complete shit .-. act 1-3 was fine but now doesn't matter we beat jinsoyun wielding the Twilight Edge, the power of the sacred beasts and Eight masters. I really can't look to my character being stupid for 6-7 acts in a row. I doubt they will do an ending that compensate for all the wrongs and plotholes.

  • Ulver

    Why the fuck is our character standing there doing nothing... that doesn't make any fucking sense. What a shit way to make a story. I mean they could've showed a scene where mushing K.O's us and I'd be fine with that, but having the main character just stand there and get bullied by a fucking kid is beyond forgivable.

  • wolfafe

    i just love feeling like a failure 2irl4me. Seriously tho i hate this, especially Jinbin death. He felt like he could become the successor of HM the purest of the new gen instead rip whole new gen.. kys whoever made this storyline, hope they somehow redeem themselves later on but until then we'll have to live for probably a year with this cliff hanger which just hurts. Doing it with all the alts is just gonna be extra salt to the wound.

  • Bunny PlayzX

    Omg I actually cried! This is so sad!

  • DarkScay

    fck it this story is fcking sad i cand do it when its comes and fck that lady and mushins

  • Artistic Gamer

    what kind of bullshit is this ? i just saw the old version of the story and the ending was much better when mushin gets killed by jinsoyun .... and why is the mc always a little shit ? damn it all !!!

  • arusak0

    why can't I complete this Chapter,when I shake this emotion?I can't drag this emotion in cell 5, as shown in the video.What's wrong with this Chapter?

  • Celebrind

    Jinbin and the grandchildren of Cho are dead, but fucking Ryu, Mushin and Yura are still alive? Fuck this game, fuck this story and fuck our character who is a fucking idiot that even can't fight against Ryu properly. I hope Jinsoyun turns into a demon again and fuck the shit out of this motherfuckers. God, I feel like Foul-Mouthed Grandma (T_T)

  • bibom10

    Fck u Jyansei, how can u just stand there and watch all the time ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • huunam Lee

    The story just pull a force awaken, ryu go full kylo ren, and now let us hanging

  • S Car

    FUCK YOU, NCSoft!!! FACK YOU!!!

  • Lâm Vũ

    Guess Act 10 is a collab with Dragon Ball

  • Nhân Thành

    I think the story will go to 15 act is complete ,This story keeps my eyes from shedding tears, the disciple betrays his master, just as Lusung did at first with Master Hong Sokyun

  • ChizuAmori

    One question, what is the name of that white haired lyn? óvó I don't know korean so I like to know how It write and called.

  • Elle Cate

    Jinsoyun needs to be bad gurl again and avenge HM

  • Alex Black

    11:53 Isn't that NPC some sort of a captain or operative or agent you meet in Cinderlands?She even used to wear a hat that looks a bit like Junghado's and she rarely shows up later.I kinda liked this character though she doesn't appear a lot but is kinda like a female version of Junghado,she's serious and badass if that's the same NPC. :P

  • 3Slash

    What suprised me the most is not the fact that we fight supposed emperor turned into giant bug that was done before back in Zaiwei ...its the fact that even after his transformation Empress Dowager Ak is even more capable of kicking our butts then he is ..despite still being in human form ..expect another demon transformation soon akin to one underwent by Dark Vicar....plus i like the design and idea behind her fighting style kind of mix between FM and summoner ...

  • Lizzy O'Connell


  • Dolgie Progruzki

    I am crying every time, when soyoun says "Sabunni"

  • Coldfang

    do we have to wait for the story to come out in english?

  • Yagami Iori

    Feel like we are getting that whole Jinsoyun treatments again

  • Sadingo

    Why would Jyansei be such a loser again? This story is stupid and unauthentic.


    Mine is bugged, i cant speak with jinsoyun. Does anyone know how i can fix it ??

  • jehiel braza

    Always the same with this game.. freeze in the spot or get your a** kicked in one move, watch everyone get killed and repeat.

  • Solid Truth

    I have all 10 accounts updated

  • RayiRoo

    So where the hell is Jiwan during all of this? Lol

  • キミテュ ン

    Why WHY!!? First the HM school then the eight masters and now this! If the writer of this game still writing the MC as a useless person and just freaking stand there, I'm so getting over with this game...but they are mine childs T^T

  • LadyAki

    this shit made me cry lmao

  • nhật minh nguyễn

    this is the reason i cant stand to play the game anymore, the story so nonsense and so sad , i beated jinsojun, raven king, julia and i cant beat the shite out of ryu, F.U dev , a infinity times. no point of playing a game that make i feel like a useless piece of shite

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