Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge Crushed in a Hydraulic Press-What's Inside?

In this video I make a Japanese polished foil ball by using aluminum foil and pounding with a hammer and then polishing until it becomes a solid metal polished ball! These polished foil balls started with a Japanese jeweler who made one that appeared to have no purpose, but the nation became obsessed with it and everyone started making them! You can see what's inside an aluminum foil ball when I crush it in my hydraulic press and see if the density increases or not.

This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you use the information from this video for your own projects then you assume complete responsibility for the results.

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  • Jason T

    Silver pancake anyone

  • Adman Plays

    Inside I think there would be some aluminium foil. No shit sherlock

  • super roblox ninja 95423

    0:42 the action lab : it wont work if i do it that way it will take forever i will use my super powers and it is SUPER SPEED HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


    Nerd. □~□ O

  • Certainly they weren't all Kung-fu fighting

    The gross hairy arms were too distracting.

  • pastel moon

    Your so awesome!!! I subbed!

  • Nio Martinez

    Fruit in a vacuum chamber, will it decompose? Or lose it's structure and explode?

  • symone quezada

    this idiot got dry sandpaper wet, then used wet sandpaper dry

  • Tony Soprano

    Hah brave guy to do that on his counter top

  • The Action Lab

    Subscribe now and I'll make your wildest dreams come true...

  • Zachary Harris Super Channel G fan

    This guy sounds like Chad alan

  • Martin Wilke

    0.85/2.7 is not half as dense but just 31.5 % as dense.

  • Xenyatt a

    I really do wanna know what's inside an aluminum foil boil

  • Klaus M

    What wood happen if there was no light in the world.(Or if the world was only water) '_'

  • Ava Brotze

    Remember your first vid is you crushing a golf ball , wow that was 2 years ago dang

  • Leigh Parker

    Put one in your vacuum chamber


    HI Try dropping a feather and a coin in vacuum chamber and normal atmospheric preasure

  • Koshka Fanta

    This look like a moon(sorry i know english bad beacause im from Rusia)

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