Sonic's transformation into Rouge

This is a funny clip of Sonic turning into rouge because rouges clothing and alarm system got mixed together.
  • Batman 2008

    Sonic and Batman: what....the that


    wheres the bleach when you need it?

  • Irina Karandaeva

    😂😂😃😃💋💛💜💚💜💞💕💖💝💖💞💖 эта крута

  • Playsm64

    This is why I’m dead.

  • Ricky Ricardo

    Guys? What is the music’s name?

  • spiderman homecoming gaming

    I think rouge wanted to prank sonic by turning him into a girl

  • Goatman Nitefort

    Ya better go back to my memes and cute animals

  • guigaby nunes


  • Sonic 123

    only at your deviantart hut

  • Moreno Alfarrel

    You can you just stop making these fanart

  • Kai Studios

    Get off my screen you satanic unholy being

  • Karla Sanfones OFC

    I remember watching this when i was 10

  • lol

    Who ever made this is an utter freak

  • you should have let me sleep

    i have several questions

  • Moreno Alfarrel

    Oh and I hate you 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Freddyho rodinka


  • Johannes Murre


  • Silvermoon

    Cant believe i use to watch this as a child.... not only that but this video introduced me to the song "mr a" which is great but weird how i discovered it lol


    Is watched this when I was like 6 wtf well, song? XD

  • Gacha Cooki

    Fucking shoot me people 1 like = 1 shot in the eyes

  • Leïla Mendola

    I see the vidéo and i have only one question :What Rouge wanted to talk about with Sonic?

  • Stargirl Shooter

    Actually sonic looks cute as rouge

  • shahd Ahmad 12

    Noooooooo I hate women's body

  • carson lee

    I love Nintendo switch

  • phangluangable


  • LayLay Waffles

    Only Liked the music. Its catchy ☺️

  • Emil Kiełczyński

    This is what we see when we die.

  • Sebastian Does stop motion

    Why have you made my childhood bad

  • Mint Flavored boba

    BiTcH I WatChEd ThIs WhEn I WAs A 3rD grADeR I ReGrET

  • Kamila Kamila


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