Les Twins: World Of Dance The Qualifiers 2017 [HQ]

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World of Dance 2017 - Les Twins: Qualifiers

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6LACK - Free (Les Twins World of Dance Qualifiers 2017 Edit)
  • Paris James

    They made me love this song.

  • nikil niki

    Which song is this ???

  • Ammar Kadah

    I've been watching les twins since the beginning of their appearance on social media , and I would like to say that this is the best of their performances , the best of their movies though it was simple than other movies they did in other computation or performances yet I just feel each of their moves .. Sault them for it, this is another level up ..

  • Arlene Adap

    They are amazing!!! But you know what? There are lota of dancers like them here in the Philippines..... No offense meant.

  • Moon Child1111

    Does anyone know why NBC WOD deleted this from their page?

  • SaKita Rudolph-Russell

    Does anyone see how they use their bodies differently, but it is a Masterpiece

  • Cornelia Spencer

    NBC removed the Twins qualifiers episodes. It was still stealing ratings from the new season.

  • Dillon Reid

    This is probably the best routine I've ever seen, so much swag, so much skill, so in sync, I can't even deal

  • AyySamisam

    Laurent left knee is hurting badly but he still kills it

  • Tamara W

    Any one knows the name of the song they dancing to

  • Lav The Sauce Prince

    They should have dance battles

  • Adam Tran


  • Johnny Pancheff

    Over the years I have seen so much hate and spitting on Les Twins but the truth is there will never be anyone who is at least close to their level of musicality and skills. MAD RESPECT!

  • matt z

    I hate fake cheering and fake crowds

  • Jack

    The audience reactions look fake

  • Mila 88

    The crowd doesnt stop 😭😭mad respect for my loves❤️

  • alina costi

    A 126 invidiosi non piace questo video...ma andate a cagareee ....coglioni

  • MzSynShellz

    Watching this still makes my day it'll never get old. They set the bar for the show

  • Nilsa V

    OMG Lau at 1:13 and then again at 1:41 plus Larry biting his lip at 1:42, I can't. They are just beautiful to look at.

  • A Lee

    How the fuck are these judges judging

  • Kassidy Zavala

    they’re so fuckin raw i swearrr

  • Noel Cervantes

    What are there names? Besides the les twins.

  • Dillon Reid


  • Justin Dir

    They butchered this beautiful song :(

  • Alice Umukundwa

    no one could ever beat les twins. If it lasts, there should be 9 season of the show then season 10 or X can be all 9 winners going against one another. If NBC uses my idea, I want my credit & my money

  • ducklingphallus

    Does anyone know the bullshit reason why NBC took this off their channel?

  • Kimiko Kankeo

    1:11 and 1:49 killed me

  • cooper solyk

    what is the song i like it

  • daegu panda


  • Nete Glindvad Kristensen

    So I am not a dancer, so it's sometimes hard for me to catch all the little things they are doing, so I putted the tempo for the video on 0,5 and watched it, and man, that really makes it totally clear how precise they are in their movement to the music. I have so much respect for them! They are indeed the worlds best dancers.

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