Viktor's Advanced Education - BALDI'S BASICS FAN GAME

Baldi's Basics has done something I've only ever seen with FNAF... and that's have FAN GAMES made of it! Check out Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski right now!
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  • Loic Mnd

    Baldi : is this a true school

  • Loic Mnd

    50 cents of euro is 0,50€ and in $ is .... IDK cause I am french


    It's not bad honestly. I think it's good for what it is, a fan game. I think it had potential to be more so hopefully it will get some other characters in future updates. It had decent scares despite being so similar to Baldi BUT that's to be expected because after all it is a fan game. It wasn't made to be super original it was made to be a spin off. It's similar to a lot of fnaf clones. They are primarily identical to the original game and have maybe one or two things that set them apart other than different character designs. I like it.

  • Augustus Anderson

    Lol he talk like his Asian mother. :He go thumpy thump.

  • Ogre-san

    oh i see a tippy pic from gochiusa

  • Tori Spera

    When one of the jumpscares happened, I screamed and scared everyone in the house! Lol

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